Saturday, April 30, 2011

May 1st, 2005......gone but never forgotten....miss you dear Robin

The year 2005.....I call it the year from hell.   It was the year that I lost my sister in law due to cancer.  It was the year that marred my daughter's graduation from BYU.....I got the phone call from sweet hubby just minutes after Sarah graduated to let me know that his mother passed away.....we left Provo asap and headed back home to LR only to get the call from my aunt to let us know that one of my uncles passed away as well.  Wow....what a day.    I saw and talked to my sister, Robin, for the last time at my mother-in-laws funeral...I wish I knew that would be the last time I would ever talk to her....I would have said so much more.  Robin passed away suddenly the following Sunday (May 1, 2005)....we got the call while on our way to my uncle's funeral....needless to say we didnt' make it to his funeral, instead we turned around and headed to Mayflower so we could be with Mike and Taylor and try to make sense of what was happening.   Later that year we lost my dad, and 3 weeks later his brother.  Then to end the year Sarah lost her own paternal grandfather. 

The most painful of all of this was losing my sister.   She was young.  She had a little boy who needed her.  It took me a long time to sort through my anger over this.  Why?  Why did she have to leave us?  Finally, my knowledge of the plan of salvation broke through my pain and gave me the very much needed comfort that all is well.....and, that families are forever.....that someday I will see my sister again.....that someday when I see her she will be whole....without any pain, without any sickness..... to read my first post in remembrance of Robin go here.

So this year on May 1st, I will be spending the day with my mom and my other sister (Marnita).  We will be working on a special quilt to honor Robin....a quilt that we will give to Robin's son, Taylor.  Then we will go to the cemetary to visit her grave.   We will share stories of Robin and we will remember the beautiful woman that she grew up to be and we will probably shed a tear or two because we miss her so much.

For now the doctor is out.......remembering.

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Lisa said...

Wow. Connie I had no idea you lost a sister too. What a special way to remember her, and what an amazing person you have become.