Thursday, August 16, 2012

Caleb and his best friend

Definition: Asperger's syndrome is a developmental disorder that affects a person's ability to socialize and communicate effectively with others. Children with Asperger's syndrome typically exhibit social awkwardness and an all-absorbing interest in specific topics.

Keep this definition in mind as you read this post. Caleb has asperger's syndrome. He doesn't make friends easily. Most times you can find him on the playground engrossed in his own fascination.....spiders, grasshoppers, snakes (if he can find one) or any other type of bug. Caleb can tell you all about snakes (differences, etc.), spiders, bugs of any kind, and most reptiles.

 I have struggled with his LOVE of nature for many years now. We have recently moved to a rural area with a couple of acres. My kids love it out here....I am not so sure about it.....I have provided my kids with the "normal" kids stuff -- trampoline, swings, bikes, etc., thinking that any trip to the emergency room will be the result of falling from one of the above and not from a snake bite or spider bite.....but instead, Caleb loves spending his time outdoors looking for grasshoppers, walking sticks, praying mantis, snakes (yes he has found a couple) and spiders. I have grounded him many times from looking for his beloved creatures -- so far it hasn't done any good.

The other day, I walked outside to see him playing with a spider....not just a spider but a HUGE ugly spider....I FREAKED OUT....screaming for him to get it off of him and stop playing with it....

As the other kids in the neighborhood leave the area to go jump on the trampoline, Caleb sort of lags behind them and then all of a sudden he collapses to the ground crying his eyes out....

Me: what is wrong? why are you crying?

Caleb: He is my best friend and I miss him already (less than five minutes from me freaking out); he needs me.
Me: Caleb, you can't play with that spider. It could bite you and make you very sick.

Caleb: he isn't poisonous and he won't bite me cause he is my friend.

After this meltdown, we came in to look at spiders on the internet. His "best friend" is an orb-weaver kinda looks like a banana spider....It isn't poisonous and so far it hasn't bitten him.   I am scared to even wish he would find something else to fixate was terrifying to take the pictures of him with his spider (I mean, leg shaking, almost passing out terrifying).

For now the doctor is out....wondering what other terrifying things I will be confronted with by my little boy!!

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